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Welcome to the Klauss-James Archive & Art Museum 

located in Parkston, South Dakota



The Museum is free to the public.   The main floor is dedicated to conserve the Klauss Archive of music manuscripts, classical cd's (approximately 2,500), historical books, reference collections, and music scores and texts.  There is a Kawai Grand Piano and seating for up to 50, suitable for performances.  The acoustics of the room are "FANTASTIC".  There is a nominal fee for research and performance in the Archive.  Arrangements are by appointment. 

The upper floor of the structure houses the collection of paintings, water-colors and drawings of Bernard Albert James (1929-1994) of Dayton, Tennessee.  They express the wonderful contrast of irony and sorrow typical of so many of the southern articulators, in whatever field of expression they chose to use.

 Click on the links below to learn more about the Museum and Archive. View the art work and compositions of the artists that reside inside this beautiful museum.


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Bernard Albert James

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Klauss-James Archive and Art Museum

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